Physician Compare

Physician Compare, a website developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), makes physicians’ and other healthcare professionals’ Medicare participation available to the public to assist them in making informed choices. The release of this data also serves to encourage practitioners to improve the quality of care delivered.

The following information and assessments are provided1 :

  • Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Measures
  • Patient health outcomes and functional status
  • Continuity and coordination of care and care transitions, including episodes of care and risk-adjusted resource use
  • Efficiency
  • Patient experience and engagement of the patient, caregiver and family
  • Effectiveness, safety and timeliness of care
  • Other information designated by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services

CMS has used a phased approach to report group practice quality program participation and quality of care ratings data since the reporting began in 2010. Information is now being included on specific physicians including name, address, education, specialty training, hospital affiliation, and successful participation in PQRS or e-prescribing.

CMS has also added a section on quality programs for each group practice including2 :

  • Which group is satisfactorily reporting in the 2012 Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) under PQRS or are successful prescribers under the e-prescribing incentive program;
  • Which individual practitioners successfully participate in the Medicare Electronic Health Record Program (EHR);
  • Practitioner reporting PQRS cardiovascular prevention measures; and
  • Practitioners earning the PQRS maintenance of certification incentive that began in 2013.

CMS plans to begin publicly reporting the Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CG-CAHPS) data for group practices of 100 or more in early 2014. They will also be reporting CG-CAHPS data measures for practices of 25- 99 practitioners that voluntarily submit these measures for PQRS.

For diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease group measures that include 20 or more patients, CMS will include posting data from the 2012 PQRS GPRO web interface.

CMS also expanded quality measure reporting to include calendar year 2015 performance on all measures collected through the GPRO website for all size groups participating in 2014 PQRS GPRO. There are plans to expand reporting in 2014 and 2015 to include GPRO performance reported through the registry and the electronic health record (EHR). Public reporting of certain 2014 PQRS individual measure data is planned for 2015, if technically feasible.

Practices may review quality data in advance during a confidential 30-day preview period. No formal appeal process will be available, but if an error is found, the data will be corrected prior to publication.

For more information, see Section G, Physician Compare Website of the final rule.


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